Welcome to the International Seminar on Business, Economics, Social Science and Technology (ISBEST) 2019. The seminar is is organized by Faculty of Economics Universitas Terbuka, in collaboration with Association of Public Sector Accounting Educators (APSAE) and Asosiasi Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis Indonesia (AFEBI) and Rumah Publikasi Indonesia (RPI). The seminar will be held on 23-24 October 2019. We invite academics, practitioners, researchers, and students from a range of disciplines to share their research and ideas through seminar panels. The theme of this year seminar is “Indonesian Society in 5.0: Innovation Challenges and Opportunities”. The seminar is hoped to serve as a forum for participants to discuss currents issues, practices and studies related to the topics.

This theme is based on the economic, business and social shocks caused by the emergence of digital technology. Digital technology has changed the structure of conventional economics, business, and life. Along with this, if 4.0 is information, data that is of a digital nature appears Society 5.0. A period in which people are human-centered that balances economic progress by solving social problems by systems that deeply integrate cyberspace and physical space.  Through Society 5.0, artificial intelligence will transform big data in all walks of life and the Internet of Things will become a new wisdom, which will be dedicated to enhancing human capabilities to open opportunities for humanity.

Aim and Scope

The seminar welcome Articles that explore the challenges and opportunities in the following scopes that include, but not limited to:

  1. Business Process in Digital Era
  2. Digital Literacy and Sustainable Transformation
  3. Contemporary issues in Digital Transformation
  4. Knowledge management and organizational learning
  5. Organizational and accounting system change
  6. Sharia economics and banking
  7. Innovations in tourism and hospitality
  8. Digital marketing and business models
  9. Cryptocurrency and future trading
  10. Economics and business research methods


Dean of Faculty of Economics:Dr. Ali Muktiyanto, S.E., M.Si.
Advisor:Prof. Dr. Ginta Ginting, M.B.A.
Treasury:Dra. Ani Mailani, M.Si.
Conference Chairman:Dr. Joko Rizkie Widokarti, S.E., M.M.

1.   Ramdhan Kurniawan, S.ST Par,MM.

2.   Ratna Martha Dewi S.E., M.Acc., Ak. (APSAE)


1.   Nindya Farah Dwi Puspitasari, S.Akun., M.Ak.

2.   Nadhira Hardiana, S.E., M.Ak.

Program:Andy Mulyana, S.E., M.M.
Review:Yossi Mardoni, S.E., M.Si.

1.   Nindya Farah Dwi Puspitasari, S.Akun., M.Ak.

2.   Nadhira Hardiana, S.E., M.Ak.

Venue:Ratna Martha Dewi, S.E., M.Acc., Ak.

1.   Nindya Farah Dwi Puspitasari, S.Akun., M.Ak.

2.   Nadhira Hardiana, S.E., M.Ak.


1.   Annisa Syarifah, S.SI.

2.   Dewa Putu Himawan Merta Jaya, S.Kom.

Secretariat:Nuraini Aunidya Cakrawala, S.Sos.


Keynote Speaker

VP Human Capital Strategic Management TELKOM and Board of Commisioners PT. PINS
Dr. Ir. Dwi Heriyanto, MT.

Keynote 1

Datok Prof. Yusof Kasim, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – Malaysia


Prof. Masatsugu Nemoto, Research Professor, Chungbuk National University – Korea

Advisory Board

  1. David Holloway, B.Com., M.B.A., Ph.D., Murdoch University, Australia
  2. Zahirul Hoque, B.Com., M.Com., Ph.D., La Trobe University, Australia
  3. Prof. Dr. M. Niaz Asadullah, D.Phil., FRSA., University of Malaya, Malaysia
  4. Dr. Ian Kenneth Fargher, Wollongong University Australia, Australia
  5. Prof. Dr. Tobin Im, Seoul National University, South Korea


  1. Prof. Zakiah Saleh, University of Malaya
  2. Prof. Rashid, University of Sabah
  3. Dr. Ian Kenneth Fargher, Wollongong University Australia, Australia
  4. Prof. Erlina Rusli, Universitas Sumatera Utara
  5. Irwan Taufiq Ritonga, Universitas Gadjah Mada
  6. Dr. Ali Muktiyanto, SE., M.Si Universitas Terbuka
  7. Prof. Dr. Ginta Ginting, MBA., Universitas Terbuka
  8. Dr. Karnedi, SS., MA., Universitas Terbuka
  9. Dr. Zainur Hidayah, S.Pi., M.M., Universitas Terbuka
  10. Dr. Etty Puji Lestari, Universitas Terbuka
  11. Ama­lia Kusuma Wardhani, SE., M.Com., Ph.D., Universitas Terbuka
  12. Dr. E. Andriansyah, SE., M.M., Universitas Terbuka
  13. Rini Yayuk Priyati, S.E., M.Ec., Ph.D., Universitas Terbuka

Schedule for The 2nd ISBEST 2019


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  • +62 21 7490941 ext. 2315, 2318, 2319

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